(This piece originally appeared on The Bangin Beats in March 2019)

One of India’s most remarkable talents, Mumbai-based producer Palash Kothari has consistently fascinated listeners around the country with various releases in recent years under multiple aliases including Sparkle & Fade and Particlestorm. And come 2019, he has now finally returned to action after a lengthy hiatus as he debuts his newest project, Hedrun. Announcing his return with the release of his latest EP, ‘Drift‘, the fascinating 4-track effort treats listeners with a unique, yet fully immersive sonic experience that sees the Jwala co-founder bridge the gap between traditional folk and electronic music in a resounding fashion.

Accompanied by its lead single ‘Spring‘ which is highlighted by its deceptively simple elegance, the EP is inaugurated with the onset of ‘Habitat‘. Featuring vocals by Dr. Laxmikant ‘Ba’ Sahakari, the divine, yet opulent cut settles you in a peaceful corner within Hedrun’s free flowing soundscape. On ‘Saraya‘, we get to catch a glimpse of Palash’s newly found clarity towards his art as an incredibly melodious arrangement complemented by nostalgic folk vocals which reverberate through the proceedings cements its spot as the EP’s integral centerpiece. On the final offering of ‘Drift’ titled ‘Pankhi‘, the prodigious act goes on to deliver something truly special which not only feels overwhelmingly beautiful but also consolidates the EP’s brilliance which couldn’t have been made possible without the contribution of the iconic Barmer Boys.

While Hedrun’s ‘Drift‘ EP already feels like one of the most memorable releases of 2019, one needs to emphasize more on Palash Kothari’s growth as a musician and a producer whose latest body of work ultimately stands out as a complete showcase of his undeniable talent and skill.